Device Shadow error messages - Amazon IoT Core
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Device Shadow error messages

The Device Shadow service publishes a message on the error topic (over MQTT) when an attempt to change the state document fails. This message is only emitted as a response to a publish request on one of the reserved $aws topics. If the client updates the document using the REST API, then it receives the HTTP error code as part of its response, and no MQTT error messages are emitted.

HTTP error code Error messages
400 (Bad Request)
  • Invalid JSON

  • Missing required node: state

  • State node must be an object

  • Desired node must be an object

  • Reported node must be an object

  • Invalid version

  • Invalid clientToken


    A client token that is longer than 64 bytes will cause this response.

  • JSON contains too many levels of nesting; maximum is 6

  • State contains an invalid node

401 (Unauthorized)
  • Unauthorized

403 (Forbidden)
  • Forbidden

404 (Not Found)
  • Thing not found

  • No shadow exists with name: shadowName

409 (Conflict)
  • Version conflict

413 (Payload Too Large)
  • The payload exceeds the maximum size allowed

415 (Unsupported Media Type)
  • Unsupported documented encoding; supported encoding is UTF-8

429 (Too Many Requests)
  • The Device Shadow service will generate this error message when there are more than 10 in-flight requests on a single connection. An in-flight request is an in-progress request that has been started but not yet completed.

500 (Internal Server Error)
  • Internal service failure