Amazon IoT tutorials - Amazon IoT Core
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Amazon IoT tutorials

The Amazon IoT tutorials are divided into two learning paths to support two different goals. Choose the best learning path for your goal.

  • You want to build a proof-of-concept to test or demonstrate an Amazon IoT solution idea

    To demonstrate common IoT tasks and applications using the Amazon IoT Device Client on your devices, follow the Building demos with the Amazon IoT Device Client learning path. The Amazon IoT Device Client provides device software with which you can apply your own cloud resources to demonstrate an end-to-end solution with minimum development.

    For information about the Amazon IoT Device Client, see the Amazon IoT Device Client.

  • You want to learn how to build production software to deploy your solution

    To create your own solution software that meets your specific requirements using an Amazon IoT Device SDK, follow the Building solutions with the Amazon IoT Device SDKs learning path.

    For information about the available Amazon IoT Device SDKs, see Amazon IoT Device SDKs. For information about the Amazon SDKs, see Tools to Build on Amazon.