Getting started with Amazon IoT Analytics - Amazon IoT Analytics
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Getting started with Amazon IoT Analytics

This section discusses the basic commands you use to collect, store, process, and query your device data using Amazon IoT Analytics. The examples shown here use the Amazon Command Line Interface (Amazon CLI). For more information on the Amazon CLI, see the Amazon Command Line Interface User Guide. For more information about the CLI commands available for Amazon IoT, see iot in the Amazon Command Line Interface Reference.


Use the aws iotanalytics command to interact with Amazon IoT Analytics using the Amazon CLI. Use the aws iot command to interact with other parts of the IoT system using the Amazon CLI.


Be aware as you enter the names of Amazon IoT Analytics entities (channel, dataset, data store, and pipeline) in the examples that follow, that any uppercase letters you use are automatically changed to lowercase by the system. The names of entities must start with a lower-case letter and contain only lowercase letters, underscores and digits.