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Internet and Service Access for a VPC-Connected Kinesis Data Analytics application

By default, when you connect a Kinesis Data Analytics application to a VPC in your account, it does not have access to the internet unless the VPC provides access. If the application needs internet access, the following need to be true:

  • The Kinesis Data Analytics application should only be configured with private subnets.

  • The VPC must contain a NAT gateway or instance in a public subnet.

  • A route must exist for outbound traffic from the private subnets to the NAT gateway in a public subnet.


Several services offer VPC endpoints. You can use VPC endpoints to connect to Amazon services from within a VPC without internet access.

Whether a subnet is public or private depends on its route table. Every route table has a default route, which determines the next hop for packets that have a public destination.

  • For a Private subnet: The default route points to a NAT gateway (nat-...) or NAT instance (eni-...).

  • For a Public subnet: The default route points to an internet gateway (igw-...).

Once you configure your VPC with a public subnet (with a NAT) and one or more private subnets, do the following to identify your private and public subnets:

  • In the VPC console, from the navigation pane, choose Subnets.

  • Select a subnet, and then choose the Route Table tab. Verify the default route:

    • Public subnet: Destination:, Target: igw-…

    • Private subnet: Destination:, Target: nat-… or eni-…

To associate the Kinesis Data Analytics application with private subnets:

  • Open the Kinesis Data Analytics console at

  • On the Kinesis Analytics applications page, choose your application, and choose Application details.

  • On the page for your application, choose Configure.

  • In the VPC Connectivity section, choose the VPC to associate with your application. Choose the subnets and security group associated with your VPC that you want the application to use to access VPC resources.

  • Choose Update.

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