Document History - Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics
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Document History

The following table describes important changes to the documentation since the last release of the Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics SQL Reference.

  • API version: 2015-08-14

  • Latest documentation update: March 19, 2018

Change Description Date
New HOTSPOTS function Locate and return information about relatively dense regions in your data. For more information, see HOTSPOTS. March 19, 2018
Stream-to-stream JOIN examples Examples for JOIN clause queries. For more information, see JOIN clause. February 28, 2018
New TSDIFF function Obtain the difference between two time stamps. For more information, see TSDIFF. December 11, 2017
New RANDOM_CUT_FOREST_WITH_EXPLANATION function Get an explanation of what fields contribute to an anomaly score in a data stream. For more information, see RANDOM_CUT_FOREST_WITH_EXPLANATION. November 2, 2017
New REGEX_LOG_PARSE function Get regex matches from a source string in columnar format. For more information, see REGEX_LOG_PARSE. August 21, 2017
Table of contents reorganization Topic categories are now more intuitive. August 18, 2017
New SQL functions Addition of STEP, LAG, TO_TIMESTAMP, UNIX_TIMESTAMP, REGEX_REPLACE, and addition of regex support to SUBSTRING August 3, 2017
New guide This is the first release of the Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics SQL Reference guide. August 11, 2016