Log Parsing Functions - Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics
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Log Parsing Functions

Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics features the following functions for log parsing:

  • FAST_REGEX_LOG_PARSER works similarly to the regex parser, but takes several "shortcuts" to ensure faster results. For example, the fast regex parser stops at the first match it finds (known as "lazy" semantics.)

  • FIXED_COLUMN_LOG_PARSE parses fixed-width fields and automatically converts them to the given SQL types.

  • REGEX_LOG_PARSE uses the default Java regular expression parser. For more information about this parser, see Pattern in the Java Platform documentation on the Oracle website.

  • SYS_LOG_PARSE processes entries commonly found in UNIX/Linux system logs.

  • VARIABLE_COLUMN_LOG_PARSE splits an input string (its first argument, <character-expression>) into fields separated by a delimiter character or delimiter string.

  • W3C_LOG_PARSE processes entries in W3C-predefined-format logs.