Amazon Lambda function errors in TypeScript - Amazon Lambda
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Amazon Lambda function errors in TypeScript

If an exception occurs in TypeScript code that's transpiled into JavaScript, use source map files to determine where the error occurred. Source map files allow debuggers to map compiled JavaScript files to the TypeScript source code.

For example, the following code results in an error:

export const handler = async (event: unknown): Promise<unknown> => { throw new Error('Some exception'); };

Amazon Lambda catches the error and generates a JSON document. However, this JSON document refers to the compiled JavaScript file (app.js), not the TypeScript source file.

{ "errorType": "Error", "errorMessage": "Some exception", "stack": [ "Error: Some exception", " at Runtime.p [as handler] (/var/task/app.js:1:491)", " at Runtime.handleOnce (/var/runtime/Runtime.js:66:25)" ] }
To get an error response that maps to your TypeScript source file

The following steps aren't valid for Lambda@Edge functions because Lambda@Edge doesn't support environment variables.

  1. Generate a source map file with esbuild or another TypeScript compiler. Example:

    esbuild app.ts —sourcemap —outfile=output.js
  2. Add the source map to your deployment.

  3. Turn on source maps for the Node.js runtime by adding --enable-source-maps to your NODE_OPTIONS.

Example for the Amazon Serverless Application Model (Amazon SAM)
Globals: Function: Environment: Variables: NODE_OPTIONS: '--enable-source-maps'

Make sure that the esbuild properties in your template.yaml file include Sourcemap: true. Example:

Metadata: # Manage esbuild properties BuildMethod: esbuild BuildProperties: Minify: true Target: "es2020" Sourcemap: true EntryPoints: - app.ts
Example for the Amazon Cloud Development Kit (Amazon CDK)

To use a source map with an Amazon CDK application, add the following code to the file that contains the NodejsFunction construct.

const helloFunction = new NodejsFunction(this, 'function',{ bundling: { minify: true, sourceMap: true }, environment:{ NODE_OPTIONS: '--enable-source-maps', } });

When you use a source map in your code, you get an error response similar to the following. This response shows that the error happened at line 2, column 11 in the app.ts file.

{ "errorType": "Error", "errorMessage": "Some exception", "stack": [ "Error: Some exception", " at Runtime.p (/private/var/folders/3c/0d4wz7dn2y75bw_hxdwc0h6w0000gr/T/tmpfmxb4ziy/app.ts:2:11)", " at Runtime.handleOnce (/var/runtime/Runtime.js:66:25)" ] }