Using AL2023 in containers - Amazon Linux 2023
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Using AL2023 in containers


For more information about how to use AL2023 to host containerized workloads on Amazon ECS, see AL2023 for Amazon ECS container hosts.

There are several ways that AL2023 can be used inside containers depending on the use case. The AL2023 Base Container Image is most similar to an Amazon Linux 2 container image and the AL2023 minimal AMI.

For advanced users, we offer a minimal container image, introduced in the AL2023.2 release, along with documentation that describes how to build bare-bones containers.

AL2023 can also be used to host containerized workloads, either of AL2023 based container images, or containers based on other Linux distributions. You can use AL2023 for Amazon ECS container hosts, or use the provided container runtime packages directly. The docker, containerd, and nerdctl packages are available to be installed and used on AL2023.