Core toolchain packages glibc, gcc, binutils - Amazon Linux 2023
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Core toolchain packages glibc, gcc, binutils

A subset of packages in Amazon Linux is designated as core toolchain packages. As a major part of AL2023, core packages receive five years of support. We might change the version of a package, but long-term support applies to the package included in the Amazon Linux release.

These three core packages provide a system toolchain that's used to build most software in the Amazon Linux distribution.

Package Definition Purpose
glibc 2.34

System C library

Used by most binary programs that provide standard functions and by the interface between programs and the kernel.

gcc 11.2

gcc compiler suite

Compiles C, C++, Fortran.

binutils 2.35

Assembler and linker plus other binary tools

Manipulates or inspects binary programs.

We recommend that updates to any glibc libraries are followed by a reboot. For updates to packages that control services, it might be sufficient to restart the services to pick up the updates. However, a system reboot ensures that all previous package and library updates are complete.