Package management tool - Amazon Linux 2023
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Package management tool

The default software package management tool in AL2023 is DNF. DNF is the successor to YUM, the package management tool in AL2.

DNF is similar to YUM in its usage. Many DNF commands and command options are the same as YUM commands. In a Command Line Interface (CLI) command, in most cases dnf replaces yum.

For example, for the following AL2 yum commands:

$ sudo yum install packagename $ sudo yum search packagename $ sudo yum remove packagename

In AL2023, they become the following commands:

$ sudo dnf install packagename $ sudo dnf search packagename $ sudo dnf remove packagename

In AL2023 the yum command is still available, but as a pointer to the dnf command. So, when the yum command is used in the shell or in a script, all commands and options are the same as the DNF CLI. For more information about the differences between the YUM CLI and the DNF CLI, see Changes in DNF CLI compared to YUM.

For a complete reference of commands and options for the dnf command, refer to the man page man dnf. For more information, see DNF Command Reference.