Using Apache Flink connectors - Managed Service for Apache Flink
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Amazon Managed Service for Apache Flink was previously known as Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics for Apache Flink.

Using Apache Flink connectors

Apache Flink connectors are software components that move data into and out of an Amazon Managed Service for Apache Flink application. Connectors are flexible integrations that let you read from files and directories. Connectors consist of complete modules for interacting with Amazon services and third-party systems.

Types of connectors include the following:

  • Sources: Provide data to your application from a Kinesis data stream, file, Apache Kafka topic, file, or other data sources.

  • Sinks: Send data from your application to a Kinesis data stream, Firehose stream, Apache Kafka topic, or other data destinations.

  • Asynchronous I/O: Provides asynchronous access to a data source such as a database to enrich streams.

Apache Flink connectors are stored in their own source repositories. The version and artifact for Apache Flink connectors changes depending on the Apache Flink version you are using, and whether you are using the DataStream, Table, or SQL API.

Amazon Managed Service for Apache Flink supports over 40 pre-built Apache Flink source and sink connectors. The following table provides a summary of the most popular connectors and their associated versions. You can also build custom sinks using the Async-sink framework. For more information, see The Generic Asynchronous Base Sink in the Apache Flink documentation.

To access the repository for Apache Flink Amazon connectors, see flink-connector-aws.

Connectors for Flink versions
Connector Flink version 1.15 Flink version 1.18 Flink version 1.19
Kinesis Data Stream - Source - DataStream and Table API flink-connector-kinesis, 1.15.4 flink-connector-kinesis, 4.3.0-1.18 flink-connector-kinesis, 4.3.0-1.19
Kinesis Data Stream - Sink - DataStream and Table API flink-connector-aws-kinesis-streams, 1.15.4 flink-connector-aws-kinesis-streams, 4.3.0-1.18 flink-connector-aws-kinesis-streams, 4.3.0-1.19
Kinesis Data Streams - Source/Sink - SQL flink-sql-connector-kinesis, 1.15.4 flink-sql-connector-kinesis, 4.3.0-1.18 flink-sql-connector-kinesis, 4.3.0-1.19
Kafka - DataStream and Table API flink-connector-kafka, 1.15.4 flink-connector-kafka, 3.2.0-1.18 flink-connector-kafka, 3.2.0-1.19
Kafka - SQL flink-sql-connector-kafka, 1.15.4 flink-sql-connector-kafka, 3.2.0-1.18 flink-sql-connector-kafka, 3.2.0-1.19
Firehose - DataStream and Table API flink-connector-aws-kinesis-firehose, 1.15.4 flink-connector-aws-firehose, 4.3.0-1.18 flink-connector-aws-firehose, 4.3.0-1.19
Firehose - SQL flink-sql-connector-aws-kinesis-firehose, 1.15.4 flink-sql-connector-aws-firehose, 4.3.0-1.18 flink-sql-connector-aws-firehose, 4.3.0-1.19
DynamoDB - DataStream and Table API flink-connector-dynamodb, 3.0.0-1.15 flink-connector-dynamodb, 4.3.0-1.18 flink-connector-dynamodb, 4.3.0-1.19
DynamoDB - SQL flink-sql-connector-dynamodb, 3.0.0-1.15 flink-sql-connector-dynamodb, 4.3.0-1.18 flink-sql-connector-dynamodb, 4.3.0-1.19
OpenSearch - DataStream and Table API - flink-connector-opensearch, 1.2.0-1.18 flink-connector-opensearch, 1.2.0-1.19
OpenSearch - SQL - flink-sql-connector-opensearch, 1.2.0-1.18 flink-sql-connector-opensearch, 1.2.0-1.19

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