Using a Studio notebook with Managed Service for Apache Flink - Managed Service for Apache Flink
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Amazon Managed Service for Apache Flink was previously known as Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics for Apache Flink.

Using a Studio notebook with Managed Service for Apache Flink

Studio notebooks for Managed Service for Apache Flink allows you to interactively query data streams in real time, and easily build and run stream processing applications using standard SQL, Python, and Scala. With a few clicks in the Amazon Management console, you can launch a serverless notebook to query data streams and get results in seconds.

A notebook is a web-based development environment. With notebooks, you get a simple interactive development experience combined with the advanced capabilities provided by Apache Flink. Studio notebooks uses notebooks powered by Apache Zeppelin, and uses Apache Flink as the stream processing engine. Studio notebooks seamlessly combines these technologies to make advanced analytics on data streams accessible to developers of all skill sets.

Apache Zeppelin provides your Studio notebooks with a complete suite of analytics tools, including the following:

  • Data Visualization

  • Exporting data to files

  • Controlling the output format for easier analysis

To get started using Managed Service for Apache Flink and Apache Zeppelin, see Creating a Studio notebook tutorial. For more information about Apache Zeppelin, see the Apache Zeppelin documentation.

With a notebook, you model queries using the Apache Flink Table API & SQL in SQL, Python, or Scala, or DataStream API in Scala. With a few clicks, you can then promote the Studio notebook to a continuously-running, non-interactive, Managed Service for Apache Flink stream-processing application for your production workloads.