Working with AWS Elemental MediaConvert queues - MediaConvert
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Working with AWS Elemental MediaConvert queues

AWS Elemental MediaConvert queues allow you to manage the resources that are available to your account for parallel processing of jobs. MediaConvert offers two queue types: on-demand and reserved queues.

On-demand queues

With on-demand queues, you don't have to set up anything in advance. You send your jobs to an on-demand queue whenever you want. You pay per minute, billed in increments of .01 minute. Your default queue is an on-demand queue.

Reserved queues

With reserved queues, you pay for the transcoding capacity of the entire queue, regardless of how much or how little you use it. You make a 12-month commitment, which Amazon bills you for monthly.

You can set up your job to automatically hop from its original queue to a fallback queue if the wait time in the original queue is too long. For more information, see Setting up queue hopping to avoid long waits.

If you use Dolby audio encoding or audio normalization, Amazon charges you per-minute billing fees, regardless of which type of queue you use.

The following topics provide more information about how queues work in general, and about each type of queue specifically.