Deleting a Neptune Snapshot - Amazon Neptune
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Deleting a Neptune Snapshot

You can delete a DB snapshot using the Amazon Web Services Management Console, the Amazon CLI, or the Neptune management API:

Deleting Using the Console

  1. Sign in to the Amazon Management Console, and open the Amazon Neptune console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Snapshots.

  3. Choose the DB snapshot that you want to delete.

  4. For Actions, choose Delete Snapshot.

  5. Choose Delete on the confirmation page.

Deleting Using the Amazon CLI

You can also delete a DB snapshot using the Amazon CLI delete_db_cluster_snapshot command, using the --db-snapshot-identifier parameter to identify the snapshot you want to delete:

For Linux, OS X, or Unix:

aws neptune delete-db-cluster-snapshot \ --db-snapshot-identifier <name-of-the-snapshot-to-delete>

For Windows:

aws neptune delete-db-cluster-snapshot ^ --db-snapshot-identifier <name-of-the-snapshot-to-delete>

Deleting Using the Neptune Management API

You can use one of the SDKs to delete a DB snapshot by calling the DeleteDBClusterSnapshot API and use the DBSnapshotIdentifier parameters to identify the DB snapshot to be deleted.