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General Best Practices for Using Gremlin with Neptune

Follow these recommendations when using the Gremlin graph traversal language with Neptune. For information about using Gremlin with Neptune, see Accessing a Neptune graph with Gremlin.


A change was made in TinkerPop version 3.4.11 that improves correctness of how queries are processed, but for the moment can sometimes seriously impact query performance.

For example, a query of this sort may run significantly slower:

g.V().hasLabel('airport'). order(). by(out().count(),desc). limit(10). out()

The vertices after the limit step are now fetched in a non-optimal way because of the TinkerPop 3.4.11 change. To avoid this, you can modify the query by adding the barrier() step at any point after the order().by(). For example:

g.V().hasLabel('airport'). order(). by(out().count(),desc). limit(10). barrier(). out()

TinkerPop 3.4.11 was enabled in Neptune engine version