Amazon Neptune Engine Updates 2019-08-13 - Amazon Neptune
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Amazon Neptune Engine Updates 2019-08-13


Starting from 2021-04-27, no new instances using this engine version will be created.

New Features in This Engine Release

  • Added an OVERSUBSCRIBE option to the parallelism parameter of the Neptune Loader Command, which causes the Neptune bulk loader to use all available threads and resources.

Improvements in This Engine Release

  • Improved performance of SPARQL filters containing simple logical OR expressions.

  • Improved Gremlin performance in handling conjunctive predicates.

Defects Fixed in This Engine Release

  • Fixed a SPARQL bug preventing subtraction of an xsd:duration from an xsd:date.

  • Fixed a SPARQL bug causing incomplete results from static inlining in the presence of a UNION.

  • Fixed a SPARQL bug in query cancellation.

  • Fixed a Gremlin bug causing overflow during type promotion.

  • Fixed a Gremlin bug in the handling of vertex elements in addE().from().to() steps.

  • Fixed a Gremlin bug (released 2019-07-26 in Engine version involving the handling of NaN doubles and floats in single-cardinality inserts.

  • Fixed a bug in generating query plans involving property based searches.