Amazon Neptune Engine Version (2020-06-10) - Amazon Neptune
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Amazon Neptune Engine Version (2020-06-10)


Starting from 2021-04-27, no new instances using this engine version will be created.

Improvements in This Engine Release

  • Neptune now raises an IllegalArgumentException if you try to access a non-existent property, vertex, or edge. Previously, Neptune raised an UnsupportedOperationException in that situation.

    For example, if you try to add an edge referencing a nonexistent vertex, you will now raise an IllegalArgumentException.

Defects Fixed in This Engine Release

  • Fixed a bug where dictionary and user transaction commits were out of order when two value->id mappings were being inserted concurrently.

  • Fixed a bug in load-status serialization.

  • Fixed a stochastic failure in server startup which delayed instance creation.

  • Fixed a cursor leak.

Query-Language Versions Supported in This Release

Before upgrading a DB cluster to version, make sure that your project is compatible with these query-language versions:

  • Gremlin version: 3.4.1

  • SPARQL version: 1.1