Amazon Neptune Engine Version (2021-06-28) - Amazon Neptune
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Amazon Neptune Engine Version (2021-06-28)

As of 2021-06-28, engine version is being generally deployed. Please note that it takes several days for a new release to become available in every region.

Known issues in this engine release


A SPARQL bug that fails to honor media type in an Accept header if there are spaces present.

For example, a query with -H "Accept: text/csv; q=1.0, */*; q=0.1" returns JSON output rather than CSV output.


If you remove the spaces in the Accept clause in the header, the engine returns output in the correct requested format. In other words, instead of -H "Accept: text/csv; q=1.0, */*; q=0.1" , use:

-H "Accept: text/csv;q=1.0,*/*;q=0.1"

Defects Fixed in This Engine Release

  • Fixed a bug in clearing the lookup cache on replicas after a fast reset.

Query-Language Versions Supported in This Release

Before upgrading a DB cluster to version, make sure that your project is compatible with these query-language versions:

  • Gremlin version: 3.4.10

  • SPARQL version: 1.1

Upgrade Paths to Engine Release

This patch release is optional unless your DB cluster is using one or more R5d instances. If your cluster has R5d instances, it will automatically be upgraded in the next maintenance window. Otherwise, it will not automatically be upgraded to this patch release.

You can upgrade release to this release manually using the Amazon CLI apply-pending-maintenance-action command (the ApplyPendingMaintenanceAction API).