Troubleshooting the Neptune export process - Amazon Neptune
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Troubleshooting the Neptune export process

The Amazon Neptune export process uses Amazon Batch to provision the compute and storage resources necessary to export your Neptune data. When an export is running, you can use the link in the logs field to access the CloudWatch logs for the export job.

However, the CloudWatch logs for the Amazon Batch job that performs the export are only available when the Amazon Batch job is running. If Neptune export reports that an export is in a pending state, there won’t be a logs link through which you can access CloudWatch logs. If an export job remains in the pending state for more than a few minutes, there may be a problem provisioning the underlying Amazon Batch resources.

When the export job leaves the pending state, you can check its status as follows:

To check the status of a Amazon Batch job
  1. Open the Amazon Batch console at

  2. Select the neptune-export job queue.

  3. Look for the job whose name matches the jobName returned by Neptune export when you started the export.

Screenshot of the Amazon Batch console when checking for status

If the job remains stuck in a RUNNABLE state, it may be because networking or security issues are preventing the container instance from joining the underlying Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) cluster. See the section about verifying network and security settings of the compute environment in this support article.

Another thing you can check is for problems with auto-scaling:

To check the Amazon EC2 auto-scaling group for the Amazon Batch compute environment
  1. Open the Amazon EC2 console at

  2. Select the Auto Scaling group for the neptune-export compute environment.

  3. Open the Activity tab and check the activity history for unsuccessful events.

Screenshot of the Amazon EC2 console when checking for Auto Scaling problems

Neptune Export common errors

org.eclipse.rdf4j.query.QueryEvaluationException: Tag mismatch!

If an export-rdf job is regularly failing with a Tag mismatch! QueryEvaluationException, the Neptune instance is undersized for the large, long-running queries used by Neptune Export.

You can avoid getting this error by scaling up to a larger Neptune instance or by configuring the job to export from a large cloned cluster, like this:

'{ "command": "export-rdf", "outputS3Path": "s3://(your Amazon S3 bucket)/neptune-export", "params": { "endpoint": "(your Neptune endpoint DNS name)", "cloneCluster": True, "cloneClusterInstanceType" : "r5.24xlarge" } }'