Replication to OpenSearch Serverless - Amazon Neptune
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Replication to OpenSearch Serverless

Starting with engine release, Amazon Neptune supports using Amazon OpenSearch Service Serverless for full-text search in Gremlin and SPARQL queries.

If you are replicating to OpenSearch Serverless, add the Lambda stream poller execution role to the data access policy for the OpenSearch Serverless collection. The ARN for the Lambda stream poller execution role has this format:

arn:aws:iam::(account ID):role/stack-name-NeptuneOSReplication-NeptuneStreamPollerExecu-(uuid)

For more information, see Data access control for Amazon OpenSearch Serverless.

If you have enabled fine-grained access control on your OpenSearch cluster, you also need to enable IAM authentication in your Neptune database as well.

The IAM entity (User or Role) used for connecting to the Neptune database should have permissions both for Neptune and the OpenSearch Serverless collection. This means that your user or role must have an OpenSearch Serverless policy like this attached:

{ "Version": "2012-10-17", "Statement": [ { "Effect": "Allow", "Principal": { "AWS": "arn:aws:iam::(account ID):root" }, "Action": "aoss:APIAccessAll", "Resource": "arn:aws:aoss:(region):(account ID):collection/(collection ID)" } ] }

See Custom IAM data-access policy statements for Amazon Neptune for more information.