Gremlin query cancellation - Amazon Neptune
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Gremlin query cancellation

To get the status of Gremlin queries, use HTTP GET or POST to make a request to the https://your-neptune-endpoint:port/gremlin/status endpoint.

Gremlin query cancellation request parameters

  • cancelQuery   –   Required for cancellation. This parameter has no corresponding value.

  • queryId   –   The ID of the running Gremlin query to cancel.

Gremlin query cancellation example

The following is an example of the curl command to cancel a query.

curl https://your-neptune-endpoint:port/gremlin/status \ --data-urlencode "cancelQuery" \ --data-urlencode "queryId=fb34cd3e-f37c-4d12-9cf2-03bb741bf54f"

Successful cancellation returns HTTP 200 OK.