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Neptune Loader Cancel Job

Cancels a load job.

To cancel a job, you must send an HTTP DELETE request to the https://your-neptune-endpoint:port/loader endpoint. The loadId can be appended to the /loader URL path, or included as a variable in the URL.

Cancel Job request syntax

DELETE https://your-neptune-endpoint:port/loader?loadId=loadId
DELETE https://your-neptune-endpoint:port/loader/loadId

Cancel Job Request Parameters


The ID of the load job.

Cancel Job Response Syntax

no response body
200 OK

Successfully deleted load job returns a 200 code.

Cancel Job Errors

When an error occurs, a JSON object is returned in the BODY of the response. The message object contains a description of the error.

Error Categories
  • Error 400   –   An invalid loadId returns an HTTP 400 bad request error. The message describes the error.

  • Error 500   –   A valid request that cannot be processed returns an HTTP 500 internal server error. The message describes the error.

Cancel Job Error Messages

The following are possible error messages from the cancel API with a description of the error.

  • The load with id = load_id does not exist or not active (HTTP 404)   –   The load was not found. Check the value of id parameter.

  • Load cancellation is not permitted on a read replica instance. (HTTP 405)   –   Loading is a write operation. Retry load on the read/write cluster endpoint.

Cancel Job Examples

Example Request

The following is a request sent via HTTP DELETE using the curl command.

curl -X DELETE 'https://your-neptune-endpoint:port/loader/0a237328-afd5-4574-a0bc-c29ce5f54802'