Renaming a Neptune DB Instance - Amazon Neptune
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Renaming a Neptune DB Instance

You can rename an Amazon Neptune DB instance by using the Amazon Web Services Management Console. Renaming a DB instance can have far-reaching effects. The following is a list of things you should know before you rename a DB instance.

  • When you rename a DB instance, the endpoint for the DB instance changes because the URL includes the name you assigned to the DB instance. You should always redirect traffic from the old URL to the new one.

  • When you rename a DB instance, the old DNS name that was used by the DB instance is immediately deleted, but it can remain cached for a few minutes. The new DNS name for the renamed DB instance becomes effective after about 10 minutes. The renamed DB instance is not available until the new name becomes effective.

  • You can't use an existing DB instance name when you are renaming an instance.

  • All read replicas that are associated with a DB instance remain associated with that instance after it is renamed. For example, suppose that you have a DB instance that serves your production database, and the instance has several associated read replicas. If you rename the DB instance and then replace it in the production environment with a DB snapshot, the DB instance that you renamed still has the read replicas associated with it.

  • Metrics and events that are associated with the name of a DB instance are maintained if you reuse a DB instance name. For example, if you promote a read replica and rename it to be the name of the previous primary instance, the events and metrics that were associated with the primary instance are then associated with the renamed instance.

  • DB instance tags remain with the DB instance, regardless of renaming.

  • DB snapshots are retained for a renamed DB instance.

To rename a DB instance using the Neptune console
  1. Sign in to the Amazon Management Console, and open the Amazon Neptune console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Databases.

  3. Choose the radio button next to the DB instance that you want to rename.

  4. In the Instance actions menu, choose Modify.

  5. Enter a new name in the DB instance identifier text box. Select Apply immediately, and then choose Continue.

  6. Choose Modify DB instance to complete the change.