Linkurious - Amazon Neptune
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Linkurious provides different graph intelligence solutions for both technical and non-technical users and a variety of use cases.

Linkurious Enterprise Explorer is an off-the-shelf graph visualization and analysis software built for teams that can keep up with the demands of your day-to-day activities and helps the data-driven professionals do big things - simply. Fully configurable and easy to use, it easily adapts to your needs and empowers novices or advanced users to quickly visualize data in Amazon Neptune, to intuitively explore your dataset no matter the size or complexity of your data and to seamlessly collaborate at the team or enterprise levels.

Linkurious Enterprise Watchtower taps into the power of Linkurious Enterprise Explorer and adds innovative detection and case management capabilities to offer an integrated detection and investigation software powered by graph technology. On one hand, it enables you to configure alerts that leverage Neptune Database and Neptune Analytics to automatically surface anomalies or patterns in complex connected data. On the other hand, it combines case management and collaboration features to help teams efficiently manage their investigative workflows.

Ogma is a commercial JavaScript library that helps you develop powerful, large-scale interactive graph visualizations for your applications. It leverages WebGL rendering and high-performance layouts to enable users to display and interact with thousands of nodes and edges in a matter of seconds. It also provides a variety of features to customize your application and create rich user experiences. Finally, it comes equipped with comprehensive documentation and tools such as tutorials, dozens of examples and an interactive playground.

To get started, request a 30-day free trial of Linkurious Enterprise or Ogma.