metaphacts - Amazon Neptune
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metaphacts offers a flexible, open platform for describing and querying graph data and for visualizing and interacting with knowledge graphs. Using metaphactory, you can build interactive web applications such as visualizations and dashboards on top of knowledge graphs in Neptune using the RDF data model. The metaphactory platform supports a low-code development experience with a UI for data loading, a visual ontology modeling interface with OWL and SHACL support, a SPARQL query UI and query catalog, and a rich set of Web components for graph exploration, visualization, search and authoring.

Here is a sample metaphactory visualization:

Sample metaphactory visualization

The platform is designed for and used productively in engineering, manufacturing, pharma, life Sciences, finance, insurance, and more. To see a sample solution architecture, check out this blog post.

To get started with a free trial of metaphactory, visit the Amazon Marketplace.