Tom Sawyer Software - Amazon Neptune
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Tom Sawyer Software

Tom Sawyer Perspectives is a low-code graph and data visualization and analysis development platform for data stored in Amazon Neptune. Integrated design and preview interfaces and extensive API libraries allow you to create custom, production-quality visualization applications quickly. With a point-and-click designer interface and 30 built-in analytics algorithms, you can design and develop applications to gain insights into data federated from dozens of sources.

Tom Sawyer Graph Database Browser makes it easy to visualize and analyze data in Amazon Neptune. You can see and understand connections in your data without extensive knowledge of the query language or schema. You can interact with the data without technical knowledge simply by loading the neighbors of selected nodes and building the visualization in whatever direction you need. You can also take advantage of five unique graph layouts to display the graph in a way that provides the most meaning, and can apply centrality, clustering, and pathfinding analyses to reveal previously unseen patterns. To see an example of Graph Database Browser integration with Neptune, check out this blog post. To get started with a free trial of Graph Database Browser, visit the Amazon Marketplace.

An animated visualization of graph data.