Features by engine version in Amazon OpenSearch Service - Amazon OpenSearch Service
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Features by engine version in Amazon OpenSearch Service

Many OpenSearch Service features have a minimum OpenSearch version requirement or legacy Elasticsearch OSS version requirement. If you meet the minimum version for a feature, but the feature isn't available on your domain, update your domain's service software.

Feature Minimum required OpenSearch version Minimum required Elasticsearch version

VPC support

1.0 1.0

Require HTTPS for all traffic to the domain

Multi-AZ support

Dedicated master nodes

Custom packages

Custom endpoints

Slow log publishing

Error log publishing

1.0 5.1

Encryption of data at rest

Cognito authentication for OpenSearch Dashboards

In-place upgrades

Curator support

Not included 5.1

Hourly automated snapshots

1.0 5.3

Node-to-node encryption

1.0 6.0

Java high-level REST client support

HTTP request and response compression


1.0 6.2


1.0 6.5

Cross-cluster search

1.0 6.7

Fine-grained access control

SAML authentication for OpenSearch Dashboards


Remote reindex


1.0 6.8

Index State Management

k-NN by Euclidean distance

1.0 7.1

Anomaly Detection

1.0 7.4

k-NN by cosine similarity

1.0 7.7

Learning to Rank

Piped processing language

1.0 7.9

OpenSearch Dashboards reports

OpenSearch Dashboards Trace Analytics

ARM-based Graviton instances

Cold storage

Hamming distance, L1 Norm distance, and Painless scripting for k-NN

1.0 7.10

Asynchronous search

Index transforms 1.0 Not included
Cross-cluster replication 1.1 7.10
ML Commons 1.3 Not included
Notifications 2.3 Not included
Point in time search 2.5 Not included
Search pipelines 2.9 Not included
Machine learning connectors 2.9 Not included
Multimodal semantic search 2.11 Not included
Direct-query data sources for Amazon S3 2.11 Not included

For information about plugins, which enable some of these features and additional functionality, see Plugins by engine version in Amazon OpenSearch Service. For information about the OpenSearch API for each version, see Supported operations in Amazon OpenSearch Service.