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Plugins by engine version in Amazon OpenSearch Service

Amazon OpenSearch Service domains come prepackaged with plugins from the OpenSearch community. The service automatically deploys and manages plugins for you, but it deploys different plugins depending on the version of OpenSearch or legacy Elasticsearch OSS you choose for your domain.

The following table lists plugins by OpenSearch version, as well as compatible versions of legacy Elasticsearch OSS. It only includes plugins that you might interact with—it’s not comprehensive. OpenSearch Service uses additional plugins to enable core service functionality, such as the S3 Repository plugin for snapshots and the OpenSearch Performance Analyzer plugin for optimization and monitoring. For a complete list of all plugins running on your domain, make the following request:

GET _cat/plugins?v
Plugin Minimum required OpenSearch version Minimum required Elasticsearch version

ICU Analysis


Included on all domains

Japanese (kuromoji) Analysis

Phonetic Analysis



Seunjeon Korean Analysis



Smart Chinese Analysis

Stempel Polish Analysis

Ingest Attachment Processor

Ingest User Agent Processor

Mapper Murmur3

Mapper Size



Ukrainian Analysis

OpenSearch alerting



OpenSearch SQL

1.0 6.5

OpenSearch security

1.0 6.7

OpenSearch Index State Management

1.0 6.8

OpenSearch k-NN

1.0 7.1

OpenSearch anomaly detection

1.0 7.4

IK (Chinese) Analysis

1.0 7.7

Vietnamese Analysis

Thai analysis

Learning to Rank

OpenSearch asynchronous search

1.0 7.10
OpenSearch cross-cluster replication 1.1 7.10
OpenSearch observability 1.2 Not supported

Nori Analysis

1.3 Not supported

Pinyin Analysis

1.3 Not supported


1.3 Not supported

Sudachi Analysis

1.3 Not supported

ML Commons

1.3 Not supported

OpenSearch notifications

2.3 Not supported

Security Analytics

2.5 Not supported

Neural Search

2.9 Not supported

Amazon Personalize Search Ranking

2.9 Not supported

Hebrew Analysis

2.11 Not supported


2.11 Not supported

Optional plugins

In addition to the default plugins that come pre-installed, Amazon OpenSearch Service supports several optional language analyzer plugins. You can use the Amazon Web Services Management Console and Amazon CLI to associate a plugin to a domain, disassociate a plugin from a domain, and list all plugins. An optional plugin package is compatible with a specific OpenSearch version, and can only be associated to domains with that version.

Note that for the Sudachi plugin, when you reassociate a dictionary file, it doesn't immediately reflect on the domain. The dictionary refreshes when the next blue/green deployment runs on the domain as part of a configuration change or other update. Alternatively, you can create a new package with the updated data, create a new index using this new package, reindex the existing index to the new index, and then delete the old index. If you prefer to use the reindexing approach, use an index alias so that there's no disruption to your traffic.

Optional plugins use the ZIP-PLUGIN package type. For more information about optional plugins, see Custom packages for Amazon OpenSearch Service.