pcluster create - Amazon ParallelCluster
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pcluster create

Creates a new cluster.

pcluster create [ -h ] [ -c CONFIG_FILE ] [ -r REGION ] [ -nw ] [ -nr ] [ -u TEMPLATE_URL ] [ -t CLUSTER_TEMPLATE ] [ -p EXTRA_PARAMETERS ] [ -g TAGS ] cluster_name

Positional arguments


Defines the name of the cluster. The Amazon CloudFormation stack name is parallelcluster-cluster_name.

Named arguments

-h, --help

Shows the help text for pcluster create.


Specifies the alternative configuration file to use.

Defaults to ~/.parallelcluster/config.

-r REGION, --region REGION

Specifies the Amazon Web Services Region to use. The priority order used to select the Amazon Web Services Region for a new cluster is as follows:

  1. -r or --region parameter to pcluster create.

  2. AWS_DEFAULT_REGION environment variable.

  3. aws_region_name setting in [aws] section of Amazon ParallelCluster config file (default location is ~/.parallelcluster/config.) This is the location updated by the pcluster configure command.

  4. region setting in [default] section of Amazon CLI config file (~/.aws/config.)

-nw, --nowait

Indicates not to wait for stack events after running a stack command.

Defaults to False.

-nr, --norollback

Disables stack rollback on error.

Defaults to False.

-u TEMPLATE_URL, --template-url TEMPLATE_URL

Specifies a URL for the custom Amazon CloudFormation template if it was used when created.


Indicates the cluster template to use.


Adds extra parameters to stack create.

-g TAGS, --tags TAGS

Specifies additional tags to add to the stack.

When the command is called and begins polling for the status of that call, it's safe to use "Ctrl-C" to exit. You can return to viewing the current status by calling pcluster status mycluster.

Examples using Amazon ParallelCluster version 2.11.7:

$ pcluster create mycluster Beginning cluster creation for cluster: mycluster Info: There is a newer version 3.1.4 of AWS ParallelCluster available. Creating stack named: parallelcluster-mycluster Status: ComputeFleetHITSubstack - CREATE_IN_PROGRESS $ pcluster create mycluster --tags '{ "Key1" : "Value1" , "Key2" : "Value2" }'