CampaignConfig - Amazon Personalize
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The configuration details of a campaign.



Whether metadata with recommendations is enabled for the campaign. If enabled, you can specify the columns from your Items dataset in your request for recommendations. Amazon Personalize returns this data for each item in the recommendation response. For information about enabling metadata for a campaign, see Enabling metadata in recommendations for a campaign.

If you enable metadata in recommendations, you will incur additional costs. For more information, see Amazon Personalize pricing.

Type: Boolean

Required: No


Specifies the exploration configuration hyperparameters, including explorationWeight and explorationItemAgeCutOff, you want to use to configure the amount of item exploration Amazon Personalize uses when recommending items. Provide itemExplorationConfig data only if your solution uses the User-Personalization recipe.

Type: String to string map

Map Entries: Maximum number of 100 items.

Key Length Constraints: Maximum length of 256.

Value Length Constraints: Maximum length of 1000.

Required: No


Whether the campaign automatically updates to use the latest solution version (trained model) of a solution. If you specify True, you must specify the ARN of your solution for the SolutionVersionArn parameter. It must be in SolutionArn/$LATEST format. The default is False and you must manually update the campaign to deploy the latest solution version.

For more information about automatic campaign updates, see Enabling automatic campaign updates.

Type: Boolean

Required: No

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