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What is Amazon Personalize?

Amazon Personalize is a fully managed machine learning service that uses your data to generate item recommendations for your users. It can also generate user segments based on the users' affinity for certain items or item metadata.

Common use case examples include the following:

  • Personalizing a video streaming app – You can use preconfigured or customizable Amazon Personalize resources to add multiple types of personalized video recommendations to your streaming app. For example, Top picks for you, More like X and Most popular video recommendations.

  • Adding product recommendations to an ecommerce app – You can use preconfigured or customizable Amazon Personalize resources to add multiple types of personalized product recommendations to your retail app. For example, Recommended for you, Frequently bought together and Customers who viewed X also viewed product recommendations.

  • Creating personalized emails – You can use customizable Amazon Personalize resources to generate batch recommendations for all users on an email list. Then you can use an Amazon service or third party service to send users personalized emails recommending items in your catalog.

  • Creating a targeted marketing campaign – You can use Amazon Personalize to generate segments of users who will most likely interact with items in your catalog. Then you can use an Amazon service or third party service to create a targeted marketing campaign that promotes different items to different user segments.

Amazon Personalize generates recommendations primarily based on interactions data. Interactions data is data from your users interacting with items in your catalog. For example, users clicking different items. Your interactions data can come from both your historical bulk interaction records in a CSV file, and real-time events from your users as they interact with your catalog. In some cases, Amazon Personalize also uses metadata about items and users, such as genre, price, or gender.

Amazon Personalize includes API operations for real-time personalization, and batch operations for bulk recommendations and user segments. You can get started quickly with use-case optimized recommenders for your business domain, or you can create your own configurable custom resources.

Pricing for Amazon Personalize

With Amazon Personalize, there are no minimum fees and no upfront commitments. The Amazon Free Tier provides a monthly quota of up to 20 GB of data processing per available Amazon region, up to 100 hours of training time per eligible Amazon region, and up to 50 TPS-hours of real-time recommendations/month. The free tier is valid for the first two months of usage.

For a complete list of charges and prices, see Amazon Personalize pricing.

Amazon Personalize integrates seamlessly with other Amazon services and solutions. For example, you can:

  • Use Amazon Amplify to record user interaction events. Amplify includes a JavaScript library for recording events from web client applications, and a library for recording events in server code. For more information, see Amplify - analytics.

  • Automate and schedule Amazon Personalize tasks with Maintaining Personalized Experiences with Machine Learning. This Amazon Solutions Implementation automates the Amazon Personalize workflow, including data import, solution version training, and batch workflows.

  • Use Amazon CloudWatch Evidently to perform A/B testing with Amazon Personalize recommendations. For more information, see Perform launches and A/B experiments with CloudWatch Evidently in the Amazon CloudWatch User Guide.

  • Use Amazon Pinpoint to create targeted marketing campaigns. For an example that shows how to use Amazon Pinpoint and Amplify to add Amazon Personalize recommendations to a marketing email campaign and a web app, see Web Analytics with Amplify.

Third-party services

Amazon Personalize works well with various third-party services.

For a complete list of partners, see Amazon Personalize Partners.

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