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VIDEO_ON_DEMAND datasets and schemas

When you create a Domain dataset group for the VIDEO_ON_DEMAND domain, each dataset type has a default schema with a set of VIDEO_ON_DEMAND specific required and recommended fields. You can either use the default schema or create a new one based on the default schema. The data you import must match your schema in format and type. Use the default domain schemas listed in the sections below as a guide to determine what data to import to create your VIDEO_ON_DEMAND-based recommender.

You are free to add additional fields. As long as the fields aren't listed as required or reserved, and the data types are listed in Schema data types, the field names and data types are up to you.

For information about general Amazon Personalize schema requirements, such as formatting requirements and available field data types, see Schemas. These requirements apply to all schemas, regardless of domain.

The following topics provide information about each dataset's required and recommended fields for the VIDEO_ON_DEMAND domain. Each dataset section includes the default VIDEO_ON_DEMAND schema in JSON format.

VIDEO_ON_DEMAND domain dataset and schema requirements

Each dataset type has the following required fields and reserved keywords. Reserved keywords are optional, non-metadata fields. These fields are considered reserved because you must define the fields as their required data type when you use them. Reserved categorical string fields must have categorical set to true, while reserved string fields can't be categorical. The keywords can't be in your data.

Dataset type Required fields Reserved keywords
Item interactions (default schema)

USER_ID (string)

ITEM_ID (string)


EVENT_TYPE (string and depending on use case, Watch and Click event types)

EVENT_VALUE (float, null)

IMPRESSION (string, null)

RECOMMENDATION_ID (string, null)


Users (default schema)

USER_ID (string)

1 metadata field (categorical string or numerical)

SUBSCRIPTION_MODEL (categorical string, null)

Items (default schema)

ITEM_ID (string)


GENRES (categorical string)

PRICE (float, null)

DURATION (float, null)

GENRE_L2 (categorical string, null)

GENRE_L3 (categorical string, null)

AVERAGE_RATING (float, null)

PRODUCT_DESCRIPTION (textual string, null)

CONTENT_OWNER (categorical string, null)

CONTENT_CLASSIFICATION (categorical string, null)