Importing data directly into Amazon Personalize datasets - Amazon Personalize
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Importing data directly into Amazon Personalize datasets

After you have created a dataset, you are ready to import bulk records from a large CSV file into an Amazon Personalize dataset.

To import data directly into Amazon Personalize datasets, you do the following:

  1. Create schema JSON file based on your data. For schema requirements and examples, see Schemas.

  2. Make sure your data is correctly formatted. The column names must match your schema. Your data must be in a CSV file. For data format guidelines, see Data format guidelines.

  3. Upload your CSV files to an Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket and give Amazon Personalize access to your Amazon S3 resources.

  4. Create an Amazon Personalize schema using the JSON file from step one. And create an Amazon Personalize dataset.

  5. Create a dataset import job that populates the dataset with data from your Amazon S3 bucket. To create a dataset import job for interactions datasets, your CSV file must have at minimum 1000 interaction records.

After you import data into an Amazon Personalize dataset, you can analyze it, export it to an Amazon S3 bucket, update it, or delete it by deleting the dataset. For more information, see Managing the training data in your datasets.