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Items dataset schema requirements (custom)

An Items dataset stores metadata about your items in your catalogue. This might include information such as price, genre, and availability for each item. For information about the types of item data you can import into Amazon Personalize, see Items dataset.

The data you provide for each item must match your Items dataset schema. At minimum, you must provide an Item ID for each item (max length 256 characters). Depending on your schema, item metadata can include empty/null values. Your schema must have at minimum one metadata field, but if you add a null type, this value can be null for the item. You are free to add additional fields depending on your use case and your data. As long as the fields aren't listed as required or reserved, and the data types are listed in Schema data types, the field names and data types are up to you.

To use categorical data, add a field of type string and set the field's categorical attribute to true in your schema. Then include the categorical data in your bulk CSV file and individual item imports. Categorical values can have at most 1000 characters. If you have an item with a categorical value with more than 1000 characters, your dataset import job will fail.

For items with multiple categories, separate each value with the vertical bar, '|'. For example, for a GENRES field your data for an item might be Action|Crime|Biopic. If you have a multiple levels of categorical data and some items have multiple categories for each level in the hierarchy, add a field for each level and append a level indicator after each field name: GENRES, GENRE_L2, GENRE_L3. This allows you filter recommendations based on sub-categories, even if an item belongs to multiple multi-level categories (for information on creating and using filters see Filtering recommendations and user segments). For example, a video might have the following data for each category level:

  • GENRES: Action|Adventure

  • GENRE_L2: Crime|Western

  • GENRE_L3: Biopic

In this example, the video is in the action > crime > biopic hierarchy and the adventure > western > biopic hierarchy. We recommend only using up to L3 but you can use more levels if necessary.

During model training, Amazon Personalize considers a maximum of 750,000 items. If you import more than 750,000 items, Amazon Personalize decides which items to include in training, with an emphasis on including new items (items you recently added with no interactions) and existing items with recent interactions data.

For more information on minimum requirements and maximum data limits for an Items dataset, see Service quotas.

Items dataset schema example (custom)

The following example shows how to structure an Items schema. The ITEM_ID field is required. The GENRE field is categorical metadata and the DESCRIPTION field is textual metadata. At least one metadata field is required. You can add a maximum of 100 metadata fields. The CREATION_TIMESTAMP field is a reserved keyword. For information about schema requirements, see Custom dataset and schema requirements.

{ "type": "record", "name": "Items", "namespace": "com.amazonaws.personalize.schema", "fields": [ { "name": "ITEM_ID", "type": "string" }, { "name": "GENRES", "type": [ "null", "string" ], "categorical": true }, { "name": "CREATION_TIMESTAMP", "type": "long" }, { "name": "DESCRIPTION", "type": [ "null", "string" ], "textual": true } ], "version": "1.0" }

For this schema, the first few lines of historical data in a CSV file might look like the following.

ITEM_ID,GENRES,CREATION_TIMESTAMP,DESCRIPTION 1,Adventure|Animation|Children|Comedy|Fantasy,1570003267,"This is an animated movie that features action, comedy, and fantasy. Audience is children. This movie was released in 2004." 2,Adventure|Children|Fantasy,1571730101,"This is an adventure movie with elements of fantasy. Audience is children. This movie was release in 2010." 3,Comedy|Romance,1560515629,"This is a romantic comedy. The movie was released in 1999. Audience is young women." 4,Comedy|Drama|Romance,1581670067,"This movie includes elements of both comedy and drama as well as romance. This movie was released in 2020." ... ...