Sharing your estimate - Amazon Pricing Calculator
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Sharing your estimate

You can create a unique, public link for each estimate that you create. Use this link to share the estimate with stakeholders or access the estimate again at a later time. Estimates are saved to Amazon public servers.

Any changes you make to an estimate requires you to save again. Amazon Pricing Calculator doesn't automatically save to the same link to prevent unwanted overwrites. Alternatively, you can use the shared link as a template for common use cases, and use it as a starting point to build complex estimates.


Make sure that you save your generated links because your estimates can't be accessed without them.

Generated links are not auto-saved with updates. If you make changes to an estimate, you must generate a new sharable link.

Public share links expire after three years.

To create an estimate and share the results, generate a share link.

To create your public share link
  1. Open Amazon Pricing Calculator at

  2. Create an estimate by adding one or more services. For more information, see Create an estimate, configure a service, add more services, edit your inputs, and generate bulk estimates.

  3. Open the My estimate page at

  4. Choose Share.

  5. Read the Public server acknowledgment and choose Agree and Continue.

    (Optional) You can select Don't show me this again for future visits.

  6. Choose Copy public link to copy your generated link.

We recommend you document your shared links with a brief description of the estimate.

If you update an existing estimate, you must save the changes and regenerate a share link.

To update your estimate and generate a new link
  1. To open your saved estimate, copy your unique link into your browser's navigation bar.

  2. From the Estimate page, find the service that you want to modify and choose the Edit icon.

  3. Make your changes and choose Save to return to the Estimate page.

  4. Choose Share to generate a link to the estimate.

The changes made aren't saved to the original shared link, so you can return to the original link as needed.