USERS table - Amazon Redshift
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USERS table

Column name Data type Description
USERID INTEGER Primary key, a unique ID value for each row. Each row represents a registered user (a buyer or seller or both) who has listed or bought tickets for at least one event.
USERNAME CHAR(8) An 8-character alphanumeric username, such as PGL08LJI.
FIRSTNAME VARCHAR(30) The user's first name, such as Victor.
LASTNAME VARCHAR(30) The user's last name, such as Hernandez.
CITY VARCHAR(30) The user's home city, such as Naperville.
STATE CHAR(2) The user's home state, such as GA.
EMAIL VARCHAR(100) The user's email address; this column contains random Latin values, such as
PHONE CHAR(14) The user's 14-character phone number, such as (818) 765-4255.
LIKESPORTS, ... BOOLEAN A series of 10 different columns that identify the user's likes and dislikes with true and false values.