Amazon SageMaker domain overview - Amazon SageMaker
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Amazon SageMaker domain overview

To have access to most Amazon SageMaker environments and resources, you must complete the Amazon SageMaker domain onboarding process using the SageMaker console or the Amazon CLI. For a guide describing how to get started using SageMaker based on how you want to access SageMaker, and if necessary how to set up a domain, see Guide to getting set up with Amazon SageMaker.

An Amazon SageMaker domain consists of the following:

  • An associated Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) volume

  • A list of authorized users

  • A variety of security, application, policy, and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) configurations

The following diagram provides an overview of private apps and shared spaces within each domain.

The diagram is an overview of a domain. The domain can include a user profile with private apps or shared spaces.