Get started - Amazon SageMaker
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Get started

There are many ways to use Amazon SageMaker and its features with varying level of access. On this page, we provide instructions on how to set up the prerequisites and onboard users and organizations to the machine learning (ML) environments offered by SageMaker. For a list of SageMaker features, see Amazon SageMaker Features.


If you intend to use the Amazon SageMaker Studio Lab ML environment or if an Amazon Web Services account and Amazon SageMaker domain has already been set up for you, you do not need to follow this set up. To start using the SageMaker ML environments, search for the environment within this developer guide to get started. If a sign-in URL is provided to you, you can set up by following the instructions in Access the domain after onboarding.

The SageMaker onboarding experience simplifies how single users and administrators of large organizations set up and manage their SageMaker access through an Amazon SageMaker domain. Before setting up, first follow the steps in Set Up Amazon SageMaker Prerequisites to sign up for an Amazon account and create an administrative user. The onboarding experience provides the following options.

Set up for single user: A friendly one-click experience for single users. This helps you set up your domain with default settings. After satisfying the prerequisites in Set Up Amazon SageMaker Prerequisites, follow the steps in Quick onboard to Amazon SageMaker domain.

Set up for organizations: A step-by-step guide with contextual help for advanced and enterprise ML administrators. This helps you set up your domain with custom settings. Administrators of organizations can onboard their users or groups through authentication, using Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM) or Amazon IAM Identity Center, define scoped-down access policies, manage SageMaker applications and configurations, and set up a VPC configuration. After satisfying the prerequisites in Set Up Amazon SageMaker Prerequisites, use one of the following instructions.

After the domain is set up, the administrative user can View and edit domains and the users can access the ML environments using the sign-in URL or opening the SageMaker console and choosing the environment from the left navigation pane.