Configure ENA Express - SAP HANA on Amazon
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Configure ENA Express

SAP HANA scale-out systems require a minimum of 9 Gbps of single flow network bandwidth between nodes. Amazon EC2 instances now support ENA Express, allowing a single flow bandwidth of up to 25 Gbps between instances, without requiring a cluster placement group. For more information, see Improve network performance with ENA Express on Linux instances.


Before setting up ENA Express for SAP HANA scale-out systems or SAP NetWeaver workloads, verify the following prerequisites.

Configure operating system

You must configure some of the network related parameters at the operating system level to ensure that ENA Express works effectively. This includes configuring the correct maximum transmission unit (mtu) required for ENA Express, and other parameters. For more information, see Prerequisites for ENA Express.

You can also use the script to check the operating system prerequisites. You can run the script from Amazon Systems Manager against multiple instances simultaneously. To run the script with Systems Manager, you must ensure that your system has Amazon Systems Manager Agent installed. Use the following steps to run the script.

  1. Go to

  2. Select Node Management > Run Command.

  3. Select Run a command, and search for AWS-RunRemoteScript.

  4. Choose AWS-RunRemoteScript, and input the following parameters.

    • Source Type – GitHub

    • Source Info{ "owner": "amzn", "repository": "amzn-ec2-ena-utilities", "path": "ena-express", "getOptions": "branch: main" }

    • Command eth0


      You must repeat this check for all elastic network interfaces, such as eth1, eth2, etc.

  5. In Target selection, specify the instances against which you want to run the script.

  6. Select Run.

Once the command has completed running, you can review the output, and take corrective actions, if required.

ENA Express settings

After configuring your operating system, you can enable ENA Express for your target instance via Amazon Web Services Management Console or Amazon CLI. For more information, see Configure ENA Express settings. This setting must be repeated on all nodes in scale-out setup.

You do not need a cluster placement group to obtain minimum required single flow network throughput for SAP HANA scale-out systems after successfully enabling ENA Express. To remove a placement group, see Working with placement groups.

Check SAP HANA scale-out performance

After enabling ENA Express, you can use SAP HANA Hardware and Cloud Measurement Tools to check its performance. For additional details, see Measure System Configuration and Performance - Scale-out Systems.