Cluster resources - SAP HANA on Amazon
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Cluster resources

This section describes how to configure the bootstrap, STONITH, resources, and constraints using the crm command. You can use the command “crm” to add objects.

Cluster the bootstrap

Create a file called “crm-bs.txt” with the following cluster bootstrap options:

prihana:~ # cat crm-bs.txt property $id="cib-bootstrap-options" \ stonith-enabled="true" \ stonith-action="off" \ stonith-timeout="600s" rsc_defaults $id="rsc-options" \ resource-stickiness="1000" \ migration-threshold="5000" op_defaults $id="op-options" \ timeout="600"

Setting the stonith-action parameter value to “off” forces the agents to shut down the instance during failover. This is desirable to avoid split brain scenarios.

Add the cluster bootstrap configuration to the cluster with the following command:

prihana:~ # crm configure load update crm-bs.txt