Configuring the SAP HANA HA/DR provider hook - SAP HANA on Amazon
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Configuring the SAP HANA HA/DR provider hook

The following section is applicable if your SAP HANA database version is 2.0 and above. You can skip this section if your SAP HANA database is below version 2.0.

SAP HANA provides "hooks" that allows SAP HANA to send out notifications for certain events. A hook is used to improve the detection of when a takeover is required. Both SLES and RHEL provide such a hook in their respective resource packages which allows SAP HANA to report to the cluster immediately if the secondary gets out of sync. These hooks must be configured on both nodes – primary and secondary. To integrate the HA/DR hook script with SAP HANA, you must stop the database and update the global.ini configuration file.