SAP HANA on Amazon Operations Guide - SAP HANA on Amazon
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SAP HANA on Amazon Operations Guide

SAP specialists, Amazon Web Services

Last updated: February 2022

Amazon Web Services offers you the ability to run your SAP HANA systems of various sizes and operating systems. Running SAP systems on Amazon is very similar to running SAP systems in your data center. To a SAP Basis or NetWeaver administrator, there are minimal differences between the two environments. There are a number of Amazon Cloud considerations relating to security, storage, compute configurations, management, and monitoring that will help you get the most out of your SAP HANA implementation on Amazon.

This technical article provides the best practices for deployment, operations, and management of SAP HANA systems on Amazon. The target audience is SAP Basis and NetWeaver administrators who have experience running SAP HANA systems in an on-premises environment and want to run their SAP HANA systems on Amazon.


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About this Guide

This guide is part of a content series that provides detailed information about hosting, configuring, and using SAP technologies in the Amazon Cloud. For the other guides in the series, ranging from overviews to advanced topics, see the SAP on Amazon Technical Documentation home page.