SAPHanaTopology - SAP HANA on Amazon
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Create a file called “crm-saphanatop.txt” with the following cluster bootstrap options for SAP HANA topology information:

prihana:~ # cat crm-saphanatop.txt primitive rsc_SAPHanaTopology_HDB_HDB00 ocf:suse:SAPHanaTopology \ op monitor interval="10" timeout="600" \ op start interval="0" timeout="600" \ op stop interval="0" timeout="300" \ params SID="HDB" InstanceNumber="00" clone cln_SAPHanaTopology_HDB_HDB00 rsc_SAPHanaTopology_HDB_HDB00 \ meta clone-node-max="1" interleave="true"

Update the value of parameters SID and InstanceNumber with your SAP HANA system information. In addition, update the SID and Instance number referred in the rsc_SAPHanaTopology_<SID>HDB<Instance Number> and cln_SAPHanaTopology_<SID>_HDB<Instance Number> configurations. Tune the timeout parameters (start, stop, and monitor) for your environment.

Add the SAP HANA topology configuration file to the cluster with the following command:

prihana:~ # crm configure load update crm-saphanatop.txt