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Create a file called “aws-stonith.txt” with the following STONITH options:

prihana:~ # cat aws-stonith.txt primitive res_AWS_STONITH stonith:external/ec2 \ op start interval=0 timeout=180 \ op stop interval=0 timeout=180 \ op monitor interval=300 timeout=60 \ meta target-role=Started \ params tag=pacemaker profile=cluster pcmk_delay_max=45

Ensure the value parameter “tag” matches the tag key you created for your EC2 instance in the “Prerequisites” section. In this example, “pacemaker” is used for the parameter tag. The name of the profile “cluster” needs to be matched with the configured Amazon profile.

Add the STONITH configuration file to the cluster with the following command:

prihana:~ # crm configure load update aws-stonith.txt