Uninstall Amazon Backint agent - SAP HANA on Amazon
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Uninstall Amazon Backint agent

Use the following steps to uninstall Amazon Backint agent.

  1. Disable scheduled data and log backups if you are still using the agent for backups.

  2. Remove the following symbolic links from the SAP HANA opt directory /usr/sap/<SID>/SYS/global/hdb/opt.

    1. SAP HANA link – <HANA Opt directory>/hdbbackint

    2. Config YAML link – <HANA Opt directory>/hdbconfig/aws-backint-agent-config.yaml

  3. Remove or rename the agent installation directory.

  4. Modify or remove the agent configuration parameters in the global.ini file.

    Reset the following parameters that are modified during agent installation, to default.

    1. catalog_backup_parameter_file

    2. data_backup_parameter_file

    3. log_backup_parameter_file

    4. catalog_backup_using_backint – Set to false

    5. log_backup_using_backint – Set to false

  5. Reconfigure the changes as database administrative user for them to take effect.

    hdbnsutil -reconfig

Your backups on Amazon S3 or Amazon Backup remain intact even after uninstalling Amazon Backint agent from your Amazon EC2 instances. If you do not need the backups, you can delete them from Amazon S3 or Amazon Backup.