Console branding preferences - Amazon Service Catalog
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Console branding preferences

Amazon Service Catalog allows administrators to specify console branding preferences for accounts. Administrators can use console branding to specify a company name, logo image, and a primary and secondary (accent) color for a variety of site components. These branding preferences are visible to both administrators and end-users when using the console.

Console branding preferences enhance an account's appearance and accomplish the following:

  • Creates a seamless visual transition between the console and internal applications

  • Distinguishes accounts used by different internal teams within the same company

  • Differentiates accounts across multiple environments, such as development, staging, or production


Administrators specify console branding preferences at the account level.

To specify console branding preferences
  1. In the left navigation menu, choose Preferences.

  2. Choose Edit for either the light mode or dark mode branding preferences.

  3. Upload a Logo, enter a Brand name, and then select the Primary color and Secondary color.

  4. Choose Save.

For a list of regions where Amazon Service Catalog supports console branding, review Amazon Web Services Region support for console branding.