Step 7: Grant end user access - Amazon Service Catalog
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Step 7: Grant end user access

After applying the launch constraint to your HashiCorp Terraform product, you are ready to grant access to end users in the spoke account.

In this tutorial, you grant access to end users using Principal Name sharing. Principal Names are names for groups, roles, and users that administrators can specify in a portfolio, and then share with the portfolio. When you share the portfolio, Amazon Service Catalog verifies if those Principal Names already exist. If they do exist, Amazon Service Catalog automatically associates the matching IAM principals with the shared portfolio to grant access to end users. Review Sharing a Portfolio for more information.


If you haven't created an IAM group for the end users, see Grant permissions to Amazon Service Catalog end users.

To provide access to the portfolio
  1. Navigate to the Portfolio page and choose the S3 bucket portfolio.

  2. Choose the Access tab, and then choose Grant access.

  3. In the Access type pane, choose Principal name.

  4. In the Principal name pane, select the Principal name type, and then enter the principal Name of the desired end user in the spoke account.

  5. Choose Grant access.