Step 8: Share portfolio with end user - Amazon Service Catalog
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Step 8: Share portfolio with end user

The Amazon Service Catalog administrator can distribute portfolios with end user accounts using either account-to-account sharing or Amazon Organizations sharing. In this tutorial, you are sharing your portfolio with the organization from the administrator account (hub account), which is also the management account of the Organization.

To share the portfolio from the admin hub account
  1. Open the Amazon Service Catalog console at

  2. On the Portfolios page, select the S3 bucket portfolio. In the Actions menu, choose Share.

  3. Choose Amazon Organizations, and then filter into your organizational structure.

  4. In the Amazon Organization pane, choose the end user account (spoke account).

    You can also select a Root node to share the portfolio with the entire organization, a parent Organizational Unit (OU), or a child OU within your organization based on your organization structure. For more information, review Sharing a Portfolio.

  5. In the Share settings pane, choose Principal sharing.

  6. Choose Share.

After successfully sharing the portfolio with end users, the next step is to verify the end user experience and provision the Terraform product.