Step 1: Terraform configuration file download - Amazon Service Catalog
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Step 1: Terraform configuration file download

You can use a Terraform configuration file to create and provision HashiCorp Terraform products. These configurations are plain text files and describe the resources that you want to provision. You can use the text editor of your choice to create, update, and save configurations. For product creation, you must upload Terraform configurations as a tar.gz file. In this tutorial, Amazon Service Catalog provides a simple configuration file so you can get started. The configuration creates an Amazon S3 bucket.

Configuration file download

Amazon Service Catalog provides a sample simple-s3-bucket.tar.gz configuration file for you to use in this tutorial.

Configuration file overview

The text of the sample configuration file follows:

variable "bucket_name" { type = string } provider "aws" { } resource "aws_s3_bucket" "bucket" { bucket = var.bucket_name } output regional_domain_name { value = aws_s3_bucket.bucket.bucket_regional_domain_name }
Configuration Resources

The configuration file declares the resources to be created when Amazon Service Catalog provisions the product. It consists of the following sections:

  • Variable (optional) – The value definitions that an administrator user (hub account administrator) can assign to customize the configuration. Variables provide a consistent interface to change how a given configuration behaves. The label after the variable keyword is a name for the variable, which must be unique among all variables in the same module. This name is used to assign an outside value to the variable, and to reference the variable's value from within the module.

  • Provider (optional) – The cloud service provider for resource provisioning, which is Amazon. Amazon Service Catalog only supports Amazon as the provider. As a result, the Terraform provisioning engine overrides any other listed provider to Amazon.

  • Resource (required) – The Amazon infrastructure resource for provisioning. For this tutorial, the Terraform configuration file specifies Amazon S3.

  • Output (optional) – The returned information or value, similar to returned values in a programming language. You can use outputs data to configure infrastructure workflow with automation tools.