Step 9: Test the end user experience - Amazon Service Catalog
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Step 9: Test the end user experience

To verify end users can successfully access the end user console view and launch your Simple S3 bucket product, sign in to Amazon as the end user and perform the tasks below.

To verify that the end user can access the end user console
To verify the end user can launch the Terraform product
  1. In the Products section of the console, choose Simple S3 bucket.

  2. Choose Launch product to start the wizard that configures your product.

  3. On the Launch Simple S3 bucket page, enter Amazon S3 product for the provisioned product name.

  4. On the Parameters page, enter the following and choose Next:

    • bucket_name – Provide a unique name for the Amazon S3 bucket. For example, terraform-s3-product.

  5. Choose Launch product. The console displays the stack details page for the Amazon S3 product launch. The initial status of the product is Under change. It takes several minutes for Amazon Service Catalog to launch the product. To see the current status, refresh your browser. After a successful product launch, the status is Available.

    Amazon Service Catalog creates a new Amazon S3 bucket named terraform-s3-product.